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Interior Projects
Boat Database - documents systems, tools, spares, maintenance and stores the boat log (which I upload to this site).
Dish holder - Used the teak from the door on the aft cabin to make this unit that stores and separates dishes and silverware. Attaches via screws through the bench wall.
Main Berth Port Side Shelf - Used the teak from the door of the aft cabin to make this unit that stores books, notes and knick knacks.
Main Berth Reading Lights - Used Navigation lights on goose necks and tied into fan wiring. Both light together use less amps than the overhead factory lamp.
TV Station with Storage box underneath - Ties into the AC panel. Nice 23" TV with DVD slot.
Wall Wire Rack Storage in aft cabins - Narrow wire shelves that attach to inner wall. Took a 6 foot wire rack from home depot and cut it in half - one half in each cabin.
Wire Rack Storage in Head - Attaches through common wall to main deck locker. Left-hand side is just 2 pieces of cut wood at right-hand angles for trash (it's the head, do you really want details of what kind of trash???)
Wire Drawer Storage in aft cabins - Units are held in place via U-Bolts through aft deck lockers, tied togehter and have wood cross beam to offset side-to-side motion.

Exterior Projects
Dinghy Support on Davits - used mixture of bimini and stanchion parts and tubing combined with starboard and knee padding. I may need to add a third leg to each fore and aft support if it moves side-to-side. I'm going to try and offset the movement with lines. Also notice the custom dinghy cover.
Engine Reverse Lock - like many Gemini's I've had problems with the reverse lock and resulting "bumps". So I removed all the locking hardware and installed a line and tackle solution that now keeps the drive leg down in reverse without worry.
Outboard Engine Mount - used 2 pieces of starboard with 1/4 of interior routed to stanchion shape. Even though the stanchion has a holding plate below, notice the stainless tubing for extra support. Normally I mount the engine on the outside, but due to some close docking, it can be switched and mounted on the inside as shown.
Wind Generator - Installed a KISS Wind Generator on the starboard stern. I ordered the unit from John and Libby at Hotwire in Tarpon Springs, Florida. My Link 1000 shuts down if the Voltage goes over 15.1 (and my AGM batteries shouldn't go over 14.3 - so I installed a Xantrax C-60 Regulator Controller and will send any voltage over 14.2 to my hot water tank.

Cheri Projects
(Interior) Curtains - Black cotton on the outside, blue canvas on the inside (for decorative reasons for both sides). Curtains roll up and slip into blue shock cord rings we made for this specific pupose. Curtains fasten with snaps to the inside of each window. Great for privacy and keeping the sun out during summer and some warmth in during winter.
Dinghy Bag - Made with Surlast from Sailrite - custom designed and sewn with 3 clips for closure.
Dinghy Cover - Made with Surlast from Sailrite - lighter weight, so easier to stow and store than Sunbrella, but has the same UV resistance. Design includes Dacron cord around outside edge slots for davit lines with flaps to cover openings when dinghy has been raised, and four buckling straps made form webbing to hold the cover in place. We insert a boat hook in the davit line slots to "tent" the cover and keep water from puddling.
Grinder Cover - Made from Sunbrella. Design insides half-length inside pocket that hooks tightly (elastic at bottom) over top half of wench, holding the cover in place even during heavy winds, yet is easy to tug off. Protechts wenches from salt water spray and any debris. Plus is looks yar (from Failure to Launch).
Outboard Engine Cover - Made from Sunbrella. Protects engine from UV rays and saltwater spray. Tightens around bottom of cover with Dacron cord and secures with barrel-lock closure.
Rain Catcher- Made from Surlast. Runs beneath the boom (to keep it from flopping around in the wind), from the back stay to the mast. Ties from shrouds to grommets on corners. Another tie runs over the boom (via PVC) to grommets on the center of each side, to keep the rain catcher from drooping and leaking our the rain. T "V" at the mast is reinforced with leather backing from Sailrite. A reinforced drain hole allows us to screw in a light weight, plastic thru hull affixed to a length of tubing running straight to storage containers. In our first trial, we collected 1.5 gallons of water during 3 hours of light rain. We may not use it for drinking, but will be fine for washing dishes and showers.
Rudder Line Bag - Same material as the hammock, allows the rudder lines to be neatly stored but will run free if the rudders come up.

Peter Kennedy Projects

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