2013 Captain's Log

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Remember, we're a small leaf on a really, really big pond.

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March 2013-May 2013 Still In Marathon - Coco Plum Terraces
Monthly summary:
  • Event Summary by month:
    • March:
        Started performances for The Sound of Music. Cheri ran the sound board and Michael music directed and played several parts including Baron Elberfeld. We also started rehearsals for Moon over Buffalo. Michael directed and Cheri played Charlotte, one of the leads.
    • April:
        The Sound of Music performances ended April 6th. We took the set down and built the set for Moon over Buffalo the next day and started onstage rehearsals. Michael prepared the DVD and we had the cast part and DVD showing for The Sound of Music after the Moon set build.
        We offered space in our container to friends and continued packing and buying items from Amazon. The UPS guy actually started coming upstairs and having me help him haul all the stuff up.
    • May:
        We started Moon over Buffalo performances May 2nd and ran through May 18th. As always, besides directing, Michael made himself part of his show. Per the script, in Act 2 the male lead (George) falls into the orchestra pit which MCT and few Community theaters have. So Michael rewrote and restaged to have a overhead trellis raised with the curtain and then pulled down by George. This required 2 weeks of experiments and final success two rehearsals before opening. So Michael setup and helped during the set change after the set crash. Performances ended May 18th and we had the cast party and DVD viewing May 25th. The party included a ping pong tournament which Michael won and a best Moon drink invention.
        Our container loaded on Tuesday May 28th, went very smooth and we left Marathon and the USA on Friday May 31st.

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2/28/2013 Still In Marathon - Coco Plum Terraces
Monthly summary:
  • Finances: We spent $4,773 for the month. Includes purchases for Ecuador and Michaelís travel.
  • Events: We finished the production of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, broke down the set (only 1 hour) and built the next set, The Sound of Music. A week after the close of Five Women, we had our cast party and watched the DVD that Michael created. With several Five Women friends, we went to the reading at MCT, Looking. Once Five Women was over, Cheri started attending Sound of Music rehearsals as the Sound Technician.

    We went to a Friends of the Marathon Library speaker series and enjoyed a wonderful lecture by Tom Corcoran. Michael made Cheri her special dinner, saltimbocca, asparagus risotto and special chocolate birthday pie. Cheri went to a 4 day quilt show and took a silk dyeing class and collage class. Michael travelled to Seattle to finalize some business.

    We decided to ship a container instead of a crate or luggage to Ecuador. A 20' container costs $1,500 more than a crate and we don't have to make any choices about what to take - just throw everything in there. We're not sure how it balances out, but buying many items in the states rather than Ecuador has some huge savings. Some examples, a 50" TV in the USA is $588, Ecuador $2,000; a bread machine $140 in the USA and $500 in Ecuador; a standing lamp in the USA is $25, Ecuador $125. Plus we have better quality and brand choices. Our Residence Visa paperwork was finally received by our lawyers and a Residence CD established at 7.1%.

1/30/2013 Still In Marathon - Coco Plum Terraces
Monthly summary:
  • Finances: We spent $3,574 for the month. Michael got a new set of eyeglasses. He wanted a new pair of contacts, but there isn't a local ophthalmologist in Marathon.
  • Events: Started the year off with our traditional breakfast, Waffles with mixed berry sauce (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry) and whipped cream. The rest of the month was basically Marathon Community Theater. Monday thru Thursday Cheri was in rehearsals for 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress while Michael was in rehearsals for The Sound of Music. When Cheri's show opened on Thursday 1/17 our schedules changed, Monday-Wednesday Cheri running sound of Sound of Music while Michael directed the music, Thursday-Saturday Cheri performed 5 Women on stage while Michael produced it with Sunday as the day off (except for the Super Bowl Sunday matinee).

    Michael held auditions for his upcoming show Moon Over Buffalo the beginning of the month and then held the rehearsal reading the end of the month. We did a lot of work to get all our paperwork located, notarized and apostilled early for our Ecuadorian Visa, but had problems communicating with our lawyers. But we finally connected the end of the month. So our paperwork is in process. Shipping our goods is the next big task.

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