Gadget Girl

Gadget (my definition): Anything that makes my life on the boat easier or more interesting, especially if knowledge
of said gadget is not common, or gadget is a common item used in a unusual way, ie. using a crock pot to bake bread.

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Coffee Press and Milk Foamer We recently developed a liking for cappuccino, so wanted a low-maintenance way to make coffee onboard. Put 1 TBL of coarsely ground coffee beans in the bottom of the press, fill with boiling water, and stir. Wait 4 minutes, then slowly push the plunger to hold the grounds at the bottom while you pour the coffee out the top. Makes enough coffee to for 2 lattes (we like them weak). And the press is so small, it's easy to store.
Our coffee experience is really about the foamed milk. Put a 1/2 inch of milk in the stainless steel pitcher, then push the plunger rapidly 20 times to foam the milk. Pour milk out while spooning the foamed milk gently into the top of the drink. I need to do this twice - once for each cup of coffee I'm making. That, and 4 sugars and we're in business!
Dish Sprayer Actually a one gallon pesticide sprayer from a hardware store filled with water, pump handle to pressurize, and push trigger to release a fine mist of water. Helps conserve water, and makes rinsing dishes fun!
Electric Hot Water Pot Gives me a alternative way to heat water without using propane. When motoring, can plug into the inverter and draw power straight from the engine instead of the battery bank. When at a dock, plug into an outlet (just like at a house) to boil water. Works really quickly, which is handy, since we're drinking lots of tea. Can also be used to heat soup or any other liquid and is easy to clean.
Green Bags Extend the life of your produce by storing them in these bags. They really do make a difference.
Mandoline It slices, it dices! Also has a grater "blade." Can slide a tomato in uniform slices, thinner (and safer) than I can do with a knife, in a fraction of the time. And clean up is easy.
Pressure Cooker It's a Kuhn Rikon with a pressure release valve on the lid that can be manually depressed for quick pressure release.
Seal A Meal Yes a routine gadget, but on a boat is almost critical. Seals parts from rust, seals food into meal-size packet and seals flour, sugar, etc. from moisture.
Soda Club Pop Maker Bought this at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2005, and have used it ever since. Fill one of the Soda Club bottles with water, screw it into the machine and press the button about 8 times (it'll make a noise when you're finished) to carbinate the water for do-it-yourself Perrier. I drink lots of "Diet Coke-like", so go though about 1 500 (ML) container of soda syrup a month. We also keep on board the syrups for Root Beer-like, Sprite-like, Cream Soda-like. Keeps us from having to buy store and dispose of soda cans.
Sprout Kit Bought at a health food store, along with a variety of sprout mixes. Enables me to make my own alfalfa, etc., sprouts for sandwiches and salads - an excellent source of vitimins. Does use quite a bit of water, but you can recycle the used water for other purposes (water our garden).

Item Feature Picture
Clothes Line Stretchy clothes line with built-in clips. I can string this anywhere I want, most commonly used in the head to dry laundry indoors.
Wonder Wash

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